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Weight Loss and Calmness through Ayurveda Detoxification

Kim from Chicago went to The Raj for five days of  Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments in March 2017 and then went for another five days in September, the same year. She said the treatments and the knowledge she gained about diet and health “have been amazing, and I plan to go back to The Raj twice each year.” Kim had actually heard about The Raj twenty years ago and had in mind to go at some time but had not had the chance. Prior to her first visit she felt that she had gotten overweight and couldn’t find an eating program that worked, and she decided to give The Raj a try. Kim said in an interview:


It was really great. All the treatments felt manageable and comfortable, and I also started TM during the five days, so it was a very full schedule and a wonderful experience. And the treatments and the routine I was given did result in the weight loss I wanted. I lost 23 pounds from the time I started doing the home prep prior to going to The Raj.

I was given some digestive herbs after the treatments, which I took and one big thing recommended for me was that three nights a week I was told to have soup along with my vegetables, and then not to have breakfast the next day.

I will say that I didn’t have such a great understanding about the diet after my first time at The Raj, and after a few months I started to get away from the Ayurvedic routine and gained back much of the weight. But by the second time I went for treatments in September I had a lot more knowledge. I had purchased a few books on Ayurvedic cooking and understood my body type [Kapha/Pitta] and the foods I should be eating much better. Now after the second time at The Raj I have lost back 19 pounds again and feel I am now much better equipped to continue with the dietary routine, which for my body type sometimes means just substituting one vegetable for another or when I go to an Indian restaurant I have chapati instead of naan [different Indian breads].

I’m also pretty amazed at how much better I feel generally. Not just getting rid of the weight but both times after the treatments and TM I feel much calmer and am able to accomplish a lot more in my day to day. I have a lot more mental clarity and any anxiety due to pressures and work is much more manageable. Previously, I used to get into a cycle of getting tired and stressed and, for me, that would lead to eating and drinking a ton of coffee.


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