Ayurvedic Health Guidelines

for The Coherence Effect

What is the importance of Brain/Body Coherence?  An article in Thrive Global, adapted from the book, describes how brain/body coherence is essential to health and to staying alive. Go to What is Life? (A Scientific Perspective) (thriveglobal.com)

What’s inside the Ayurveda Chapters

Best foods and spices for boosting immunity

Weight loss program

Body type survey so you know the foods for your disorders; anxiety, anger, inflammatory disorders, congestion, and so on, all require different foods

Exercise guidelines and Yoga for each body type

Survey to determine the level of toxins in your body


Daily and seasonal home cleanses to eliminate toxins

Daily coherence-generating routine to protect against stress and toxins, including self-massage, Yoga, breathing exercise, and meditation; and best time of day for different activities

Vedic sound healing and listening to coherence-generating Vedic recitations on an app

Most Common Health Mistakes According to ancient Ayurveda

Ayurveda: Determining your body type and the amount of toxins in the body

Transcending thoughts in meditation: the most important program for health

Ayurveda: Importance of Cleansing or Detoxifying the Body

What is Life? (according to science)

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