Coherence Effect 

The Coherence Effect shows how the daily health routine followed for centuries by yogis and sages can address the ailments of the modern world, including the stress and unhappiness so prevalent today.


Articles from the Book

Are you a Terrible Meditator and can you fix the Problem?

Several years ago talk show host Michael Feldman of the NPR show “Whad’Ya Know” was interviewing author and The New York Times columnist Patricia Marks. Marks said she paid a lot of money for someone to teach her to meditate and the experience was awful. read more

The Coherence Effect: Are coherent brain waves simply a matter of good genetics? Or can they be developed?

What mechanism allows one executive to see a business opportunity that others completely miss, or allows a lawyer to draw a creative analogy that makes a winning argument in his client’s case? read more

What is Life?

What’s the difference between the living and the dead according to science? And what does the answer tell us about what’s necessary for staying healthy and alive as long as possible? read more

Increase Ojas to Strengthen Your Immune System

The ancient Vedic knowledge of India is the source of yoga as well as Ayurveda, a complete system of natural medicine. Ayurveda has many strategies for health, and one of its specialties, which is especially important now, is strengthening the immune system. read more

A Yogi in the Boardroom (there’s more to yoga than asanas and meditation)

The ancient Vedic tradition of India is the source of yoga, meditation, and the life science known as Ayurveda. The latter is gaining interest today even at top medical schools who are evaluating integrative and alternative medicine. Johns Hopkins Medicine agrees…read more

A Yogi in the Boardroom – A Yogi’s Take on Stress and Burnout

With the normal pressures of work compounded by the pandemic, stress and burnout are proliferating in the business world. Even before Covid-19, stress and burnout were ravaging the health of Americans. The number of hours worked is said by the non-profit American Institute of Stress to be the main source of job stress and this makes work especially problematic…read more

The Sound of Well-Being: Is Ancient Sound Healing the New Frontier of Science?

What do health and happiness sound like? And if they have a sound, can we utilize it to enhance our own well-being? The answer is “yes,” and there’s not just one sound; there are many, but the different sounds have one thing in common— read more


Inside the Book


Get the Ancient Dietary Advice and Lifestyle Changes (Ayurveda and Yoga) that Modern Medicine has Discovered

  • Why yoga and breathing exercise should precede meditation if you have time and how to do the breathing exercise.
  • Get a daily routine (based on one used by yogis and sages for centuries) to help overcome each day’s stresses, including self-massage, when to eat, what to eat, when to retire, and evening “activities” to help promote sleep.
  • Take the quiz to determine your Ayurvedic body type and the disorders that you are prone to getting— then find the foods to favor and reduce based on your body type and disorders.
  • Learn six key foods and 10 others to boost immune strength, and learn the need for exercise and good hydration to help your white blood cells destroy viruses.
  • Learn the special rules about key foods.
  • Learn tips to eliminate body waste in the morning.
  • Take the quiz to determine if weak digestion is causing toxins in the body and what to do about it.
  • Find herbs to aid digestion and elimination.
  • Other Ayurveda guidelines described on the Ayurveda menu page.

Comparison of Meditation Programs

  • Are you a terrible meditator or is it just the difficulty of your technique?
  • Comparison of Mindfulness, the Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM), and others based on science and the laws of nature.
  • Learn how TM® but not other meditations develops alpha brain wave coherence and why it’s so important.
  • Learn the value of silence in TM.
  • For more information on TM, go to

Exercise and Yoga

  • Learn Excercise and Yoga positions based on your Ayurvedic body type.

What is the Coherence Effect?

Coherence heals. The coherence effect is the healing effect of creating order in the mind and body. All diseases are disorders, and the antidote is to create order in the disordered part of the body. Modern medicine seeks to do this with its pharmaceuticals. But for lasting health, we need to generate coherence through what keeps us healthy on a daily basis—to our diet, exercise, and rest and relaxation or meditation practices.

The Coherence Effect shows how yogis and sages have done this for centuries and the science showing its effectiveness in treating the ailments of the modern world.

“This book illustrates a simple, yet profound law of nature governing health and human development—coherence heals. Keith, Jay, and Chris demonstrate the importance to life of mind and body coherence, and they show how to develop it.”

—Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, author of  One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness, head of the International Transcendental Meditation organizations in over 100 countries

visit Dr. Nader’s Website

“After having practiced other types of meditation for years, TM has been transformative in my life… I am petitioning our entire health system to train all our healthcare providers in TM.”

—Patty Lee, MD, Professor of Medicine, Pathology, and Cell Biology

Chief,Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care; Duke University Medical Center

What the Coherence Effect Can Do For You



Reduced Tobacco Use


Anger and PTSD

Blood Pressure


Immune System


“The authors make bold claims at the start of the book . . . for enhancing health and even generating happiness and high performance. However, its in-depth research, cited studies, scientific charts, and references do effectively lay out its case regarding holistic-healing practice.”

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The Coherence Effect

Coherence is needed in every area of life. It’s time to see what it does for your health and peace of mind.
Take the next step.

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