Mr. Marcus is a graduate of Rutgers University and the University of Virginia Law School. He began his career practicing law in New York City and is now a practicing attorney in Iowa. Mr. Marcus was a co-founder and Associate Editor of Contemporary Drug Problems, a respected drug abuse journal, and he has lectured extensively on drug abuse, prison reform, and meditation. He is the author of four prior books, including TM and Business (McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1977) and The Crime Vaccine (Claitor’s Books of Baton Rouge, 1996). The Crime Vaccine was designated by Bookviews as one of the five best non-fiction books of 1996. Mr. Marcus is an avid basketball fan and golfer. He was a Captain in the U.S. Army Infantry, and co-captain of the Rutgers University basketball team. In the interest of full disclosure, he says that  he is best remembered at Rutgers for missing the last shot against Penn State for a one point loss in his final game, and for guarding  All-American Bill Bradley in a game against Princeton (and holding  him to 45 points). Mr. Marcus and his wife reside in Fairfield, Iowa.


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