This book illustrates a simple, yet profound law of nature governing health and human development—coherence heals. Keith, Jay, and Chris demonstrate the importance to life of mind and body coherence, and they show how to develop it.

              —Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, head of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations in over 100 countries


Get a Diet Tailored for You so Food is Medicine:

Take the quiz to determine your Ayurvedic body type and the disorders that you are prone to getting

Then find the foods to favor and reduce based on your body type and disorders

Learn six key foods and 10 others to boost immune strength and learn the need for exercise and good hydration so your white cells can destroy viruses

Learn the special rules about key foods (like no milk with seafood or meat in same meal)

Comparison of Meditation Programs 

Are you a terrible meditator or is it just the difficulty of your technique?

Comparison of Mindfulness, TM, and others based on science and the laws of nature (does trying to be mindful actually make you more mindful?) [kevin make this a link and I will send the text]

Learn how TM  but not other meditations develops alpha brain wave coherence and why it’s so important

 The value of silence in TM [kevin: make this a link and I will send the text it links to] 

Digestion and Elimination

Learn tips to eliminate body waste in the morning (and why you need to do it)

Herbs to aid digestion and elimination

Learn how to periodically detoxify the body based on your body type

Exercise and Yoga

Learn Yoga positions to favor based on your Ayurvedic body type

What exercises are right for your body type

Resonant Sound Healing (even the NIH clinics now use sound healing)Learn how ancient Vedic sounds can heal

Where you can try the Vedic sounds free for 30 days (then just $4 a month)

What is The Coherence Effect? [kevin: move this above What You’ll Learn]

Coherence heals. The coherence effect is the healing effect of creating order (we call it coherence) in the mind and body. All diseases are disorders, and the antidote is to create order in the disordered part of the body or in the body as a whole.  That is what modern medicine seeks to do with its pharmaceuticals. But pharmaceuticals often just treat the symptoms and not the underling disorder. If we want lasting health, we need to apply the coherence principle of creating order to what keeps us healthy on a daily basis—to our diet, exercise, and rest and relaxation or meditation practices. Read more….

Brain Wave Coherence

Coherence heals. The coherence effect is the healing effect from making the mind and the body function in a more orderly or coherent way. It’s the most important factor in whether we’re healthy, which is starting to be recognized by modern science.

Brain wave coherence, for example, is the new frontier in brain science. When studying brain waves, the term “coherence” means that the cells in different parts of the brain are firing at the same time in the same way (more about this in chapter 2). This is important because one part of the brain is responsible for memory, one for reasoning, several parts for creativity, and so on. And because success requires many different areas of the brain to work together, the different areas need to be communicating with each other, and they communicate by a synchronous, or coherent, firing. Brain coherence improves mental functioning and is associated with reduced anxiety, depression, PTSD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other disorders. Conversely, the absence of brain wave coherence is associated with autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. These findings are why researchers today are looking so closely at brain wave coherence. Read more…



What the Coherence Effect Can Do For You

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